Slava Korolev
Hi, I'm Slava
I'm a Software Developer who focuses on writing clean, elegant and efficient code
Also, I'm a big fan of tests, well-documented code and learning something new
Most of all I use Ruby, Elixir and JS.

If you want to take a look at articles I've written, here they are:
How To Refactor Big Rails Projects
An article about refactoring an existing Rails application, that hard to maintain, when for some reasons you want to keep it as close as possible to the common "Rails Way".
Zero Downtime With Docker
There are parts of your application that need updates from time to time. You are using docker and you want to have no downtime during this updates? Let’s talk about it!
Neural Network to play a snake game
A small practical example of using neural networks — training one to play a snake game
You can read my other articles on Medium

Also you might be interested in some projects I've made:
Resting Pug
Resting Pug is a Rails gem that allows you to create a JSON API with just adding one line to your controller and fully customize it with overriding small and simple helper methods.
Kids Boards
Kids Boards helps you to transforms your kid's goals into a game.
If you want to see more examples of my code - check my GitHub page

You can find me here:
Slava Korolev
Cheers 🏖